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In our business world, the impact of our operations and actions on our networks, the community and the environment is something we take very seriously. Our quest is to build a legacy for the future of this planet. The young people across our earth ARE our future and our greatest assets. Our Mission is to create a program of opportunity to work in a real time non virtual environment outside of the structured context of a formal education. We focus on two areas – TEAM and SELF. We encourage creativity and thinking outside the box which are necessary skills for the sustainability and survival of our species, in order to facilitate the student through the understanding of WHO THEY REALLY ARE IN A WORK ENVIRONMENT. We encourage them to think and work as part of a team and to experience the dynamic in all its forms.


The Work Window Program is designed to provide in house real time opportunities for Higher Learning students. These students exchange their time to work on specific projects in house for a unique exposure to a real time work experience. Commencing in 2013, we have taken students through real time projects such as major Community Music Festivals, Concert Series, Social Media Campaigns, Artist Development Music Programs and Community Website releases. This program linked into our Team Pushworth Volunteer Program started in 2009 and run annually for the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival. We have trained and developed over 700 people from all walks of life in this time giving them a unique perspective in our office, behind the scenes and in the middle of a major Australian community music festival.

What We Do

The Pushworth Group creates opportunities for people to build their business (Whether it is a Music Business or a Business that utilizes Live Music as part of their Promotional Campaign Strategy) incorporating Entertainment and Marketing via Events.

We work with Local Musicians, Comedians, Touring Artists, Festival Promoters, Pubs, Clubs, Media, Government, Record Labels, Private Corporations and Local Community Groups.

This is our 26th year in business as an Entertainment Service Company! It’s a little unusual for the Australian Music Industry doing what we do so we must be doing something right!


7 Reasons to Work Window

  1. Gain Work Experience

Students all have their educational experience in common. What stands out to employers is those students who ALSO have work experiences by the time they graduate. This automatically makes them more marketable; as they may require less training and are assumed to be able to handle more responsibilities. In addition to the specialized skills of your field, transferable skills are generally required at any job, e.g. communication/interpersonal skills, computer proficiency, and team work.

  1. Course Credit

Some degree programs incorporate a work opportunity into a requirement for graduation by giving course credit for the work experience. Other programs have an internship as an elective course for credit.

  1. Try Before You Buy

Many students commence Uni with an idea of what they think they would like to do. Many change course several times. Working in a real life business gives them the opportunity to see a business – warts and all –to acquaint themselves with a field they are looking to learn about. By the time of graduation, the students have confidence that the degrees they are receiving are the right ones for them.

  1. Practical Experience

Many people learn best by being hands on. But everyone can benefit from seeing the things that they have been learning in class, put to action.

  1. Network, References and Future Job Opportunities

It’s all about who you know. As a student intern, you are surrounded by professionals in the industry that you are seeking access to. It’s more than just about getting a grade, earning credit, or making money. This is an opportunity to learn from everyone around you, ask questions, and impress them with your eagerness. These people can be your future colleagues or can be the connection to your first job.

  1. Develop New Skills and Refine Old Ones

Learn your strengths and weaknesses by creating learning objectives and receiving feedback from your supervisor. This is a unique learning opportunity that you may never have again as a working adult. Embrace the mistakes that you’ll make and the many things that you won’t know. Ask questions, observe, and take risks.

  1. Get Confident

Practice makes perfect. If you’ve learned about a specific technique in the classroom, you’re able to test it out in the world of work. Then, you’ll be much more equipped with the technique.


At various times throughout our work year, we will be focused on a variety of projects: Album Release, Website Launch, Music Festival, Artist Tour, Marketing Campaigns, Training Workshop or Concert Series. The Work Window student will undergo training and work with our team undertaking a variety of tasks using tools such as:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • iMovie
  • Garage Band
  • Event Brite
  • Mail Chimp
  • WordPress
  • Google Business Suites

Stuff to Know

  • No expenses will be covered other than a small daily stipend.
  • We will provide you with a computer and software
  • Internship can be accredited to relevant tertiary degree/study requirements on a case-to-case basis. Please discuss with us prior.
  • If this sounds like you, you can email a link to your VIDEO RESUME with your top ten reasons why we should add you to your team.